a story to tell :'((

(A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle)
Girl: Slow
down. Im scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, its to scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
(Girl hugs him)
Guy: Can u take my helmet off and put it on? Its bugging me.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.
The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

a note to remember

i just copy paste this from a note in FB.why boys always like that? -.-" pfft.to the guy she loved the most but he never appreciate things that he had.this one is for you :

"[4:12:04 AM] i really like you. but i dont think i can survive with this kind of relationship. we never met. nn i admit that am not a good person. i made a lot of bad things. i always make u feel bored of those silly things that for u is not important.but for me, its a very big issue. am afraid of losing u. that's why i try to not argue with you. i laugh when u mad at me not because am happy or making fun of it, am trying to change the mood of our conversation. and like u said, dont take too serious of the relationship u r in. i try to not falling for a men like the way u said too. but the thing is, if i do love that person, i cant be apart with him. maybe ppl would say that am too obsess to my own bf, andd yes i am. u r too far away from me. i cant trust nobody for the meantime. am not telling u this bcause of other guy. there's no one besides u. but this is me. i cannot take the commitment of being taken but looks single. nn yepp, the same issue nn i know u doesnt like this. i hope u understand. i've been gone through this kind of shitt. i used to love a guy which doesnt care bout me. but i try to be strong. care bout him, do anything for him. and i finally realized that i really cant take it anymore. we broke off .nn am sure, theres a lot of other girls yg tangkap cinta dengan u. ur behaviour, ur story bout how u become close friend to a girl and make her fall for u, then u dump her, and make her chase u again and again. on which, that convince me am one of ur victim. but to be truth, even so i am one of the girls yg u layan mcm tu, i admit, i do love you. i like everything bout u. eventhou u some time behave like a jerk, :) but i still like you. here's the thing, please dont text me, dont call me for many times again, forget me. buat mcm tak kenal i. i tak nak u lagi. i percaya sgt yang u sekarang nak maen2 je. yeah, still young :) kan. feel free to play with other girls. maen puaspuas. bila da puas, be serious. love her not because of her appearance, but because of her heart. am not expert in being romantic or what, but no one likes to be fool around.dont do that bila u da puas maen2 k? ;) i love you, take care f**s**. bye"


its been awhile i didnt blog bout my life :)
today story is about 11. 11. 2011
nothing much to say bout this date actually.
but the date itself make a very big issue to public
why? am not very sure why.but its probably because the number looks great.
perhaps -.-"
my newsfeed on facebook were full with people gossiping, discussing, talking
bout the date 11. 11. 2011. okay, boring.
by the way, me myself on that particular date were at my cousin's wedding.
which is yess, they picked that day for their memorable moment
*this one were acceptable reason
any good intention were acceptable. HEE ;p
okay, back to the story, here's some pictures i get from the tag album of me on FB.huhu
there's a lot more but the pictures are all taken with other's camera.
i dont take any because am on duty that dayi am the bride's maid. HOHO * the very dedicated one. pfft ;p
so, ENJOY!!

happy wedding day kak zaty :)
*get a baby asap!! ;p

from left : abang naim, shazana [bride's younger sister], mewn andd me
we are having sup tulang merah
*sedap okayyyy!!

just a few of our family members
others already left because of work [acceptable reason ;p ]

Saturday, August 6, 2011

coming NEXT!

i'll update my blog soon!
for now, am quite busy for my college stuffs.
so, guys. CHILL. have fun.
do whatever it takes to make you on top of everything.
appreciate every single thing that does make your life feel beautiful, perfect && good.
till then guys :)

p/s : ilove, EE! <3

Monday, July 4, 2011


" ya allah, kau berilah aku kekuatan.
sesungguhnya aku hambamu yang lemah. "

kadang kadang kite lupa siapa diri kite.
kadang kadang kite lupa tujuan kite hidup.
kesalahan dan kesilapan mengajar kite.
tapi kite betulbetul belajar ke dari kesilapan tu?

persoalan€ disitu.

semuanya berbalik pada diri kite.
back to the basic lah cerita dia.
so,sediakan diri kite.
jadi yang terbaik :)

saya na jadi yang terbaik.
sayang mama papa! *tibetibe.haha

mood : tabole tido.berfalsafah sebentar.

Monday, May 16, 2011

perisa : PRISA ;D

aku gilaa ini lagu.
tiap tiap hari main sama ini lagu.
kau fikir ape, gila.
aku addicted pada ini lagu.
tiap tiap hari melalak lagu STEVE MARTIN nih.
sejak aku dengar PRISA nyanyi.
boleh jatuh cinta. tak tipu.
cube kau dengar, confirm kau confuse.
kau laki ke pmpn.
na jatuh cinta tanaa. HAHA
yang penting, satu malaysia.
tapi she's an indonesian.
jangan racist sangat boleh?
kau dengar jep.

suara kau sedap :)
macam cookie. nyumnyum

Thursday, May 5, 2011


what comes in, will remain inside.
things we decided to let go,
would never hundred percent deleted.
new day, new stories.
each person,
own personality.
every resurrection,
will start with new chapter.
regret things,
is a part of the story.
the ending, chosen by themselves.
no one is perfect.
doing mistakes is just a human's nature.
separated or be together.
friends, family or even partners.
am just a normal girl, who done a lot of mistakes.
sorry wouldn't enough to cover all of it.
but i love each of you without doubt,
thank you for always be there when i needed the most.
and thank you for..
take me for who i am.
muahh! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bertatih mengenal dunia.

kau pernah berkata,
duet tidak akan jatuh bergolek menimpa kita,
membanting tulang faktor yang utama,
mencari rezeki bagi keluarga tercinta,
tapi apa yang nyata,
aku kurang nampak itu semua.

kau pernah berkata,
aku teman perit dan sengsara,
kita mengharungi segala bersama,
tapi aku tidak nampak kau berusaha,
mungkin sekali dua tiga dan empatnya,
tapi yang selebihnya hanya bersuka ria,
segala benda menjadi alasannya,
semua kau kata penghalang sebelum mencapainya.

kau kata tidak ada yang mudah diatas dunia,
tapi kau mengalah setelah mencoba,
tiada hasilnya.

kau kata kau sayang kita semua,
tidak ada yang bisa mengumpat, mengata tentang kelompok kita,
tapi diri kau dicaci dimaki di umpat merata,
kau redah menyuap segala umpatan telan ke jiwa,

kau fikir kau siapa?
dan aku pula siapa?

yang susah kita senangkan,
yang senang kita kongsi bersama,
mungkin kau terlalu hebat dalam urusan dunia,
pendapat aku kau tolak tepi semuanya,
aku budak mentah tak perlu diambil kira.

kau fikir kau siapa?
dan aku pula siapa?

orang berbuat cerita,
aku kau beri semangat menyuntik jiwa,
apa yang kau fikir dikotak minda,
jika mereka memutar fakta tentang kau di mata?
hanya menutup mata menelan cacian mereka?
tidak semudah yang kau sangka.

kau fikir kau siapa?
dan aku pula siapa?

tidak perlu lagi kau fikirkan tentang aku dan lainnya.
segalanya biarkanku memilih jalan penyelesaiannya.
membuka mata, minda, hati dan segalanya.
tentang hidup dunia susah dan zalimnya.

diri kau yang utama,
sudah sampai masanya,
lepaskan kami semua,
bertatih mengenal dunia.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

broken promises

i promise to love you
i promise to stay together
i promise to not let you go
i promise to not having an affair with other girls.."

and bby, i've promised to myself
that i wont hurt ppl that i love
and if letting you go would make you happy
i would, even i couldnt bear the pain.

and yes, you were right.
maybe things just worked out too fast.
maybe you're not in love with me.
maybe the feeling inside you were just something called "adore".
or i am just your rebound partner.

"man would always be man"
still remember the statement?
somehow,i do agree with your friend.
see the bigger picture.

someone told me,
to forget, u have to forgive.and forget to feel again.
but i still dnt know how to forget.

we always need to be true to ourselves.
i am not perfect.
i may not good enough for you.
but at least, am not lying to myself.
i never believed in much thing,
but i do believe in this.

you hv done it well, bby.
a second ago you complete me,
afterward you crashed my heart.
such a great game.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

melayu atau bukan?

melayu mudah lupa
istilah yang selalu diguna pakai dari zaman tok kaduk kita dulu
tapi melayu jep ke?
orang bukan melayu mane pergi?
aku bukan nye racist lah nak membebel panjang pasal benda ni
tapi, kalau dari view aku.
bukan melayu saje. tak kire

"no one is perfect"

jadi, lelaki perempuan lain bangsa kulit berbagai
sama jahh
asal manusia, memang mudah lupa.
aku sendiri dua kali lima sepuluh

baru baru nii aku ada sikit salah faham dengan kawan sehati sejiwa aku
dulu dulu pun mak aku sendiri pernah bilang
"apesal amy nii terlalu obsess bila berkawan?"
HAHA. aku pun taktau lah kenapa.
orang lain obsess sama kekasih hati
aku nii pelik banyak
obsess pada rakan rakan sendiri
senang touching atau bahasa jawanye mudah terasa.
bila kena tinggal bagai lah.
senang melenting

kesian mereka mereka.
na layan kerenah aku yang aneh aneh nii

weh, aku sayang kau orang lah.
sorry kalau buat kau orang risau bagai
sebab fikir aku segala
kadang kadang aku pun taktau aku kenapa

Monday, March 14, 2011


lips used to curse "BINATANG" ;)

the BABIess
[dfan, yana, lynn && me]

mereka gilaa :) dan
saya SAYANG mereka :D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

kitty CAT,meoww!

i celebrate my birthday nite in my room
with my one and only roomate, yana augus
she dedicate a song and here goes the video :)
[she also make me some lovely nugget goreng && megi mee]

the next day:

muahh -xoxo-

my birthday cake&&cupcakes :)
thanks to dearest BABIess
[dfan,yana,lynn plus shaz]
nisa&&bf,rainie,pi'e&kembar mereka
thank you fr all the suprising things ye darlings
and the sweet presents,cakes and cupcakes :D
i do appreciate it
to my friends in fb
my dear sayangg2 who called and text me dat nite
my lovely siblings, mama&&papa
tq for the wishes, ILOVEYOU <3

seperti biasa,hari bertemu hari,
tahun bertemu tahun,
wow!aku dah besar!HAHA
(terasa bangang tibatiba -.-")

well,just so u know,
am already turning 21! yeay :D
to all my dear friends
I LOVE YOU guys so freaking DRAGONBALL!
hahaha muahhhhh <333>
p/s : ada lagi satu video.di castle,tapi lupe nak upload.hehe :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


dear readers,
meet my sayang sayang ;)

ini MINI junior. aku panggil dia, MJ! hehe.

ini COOPER. gangster ta sayang aku? ada berani?

ini rumah sayang sayang aku ;)

kami <3>

plain, flower-print AND stripes

went out fr shopping
tc, jb.
them <3


my beloved sista, dr.mel :)
she's CRAZY

my precious sista, qisth :)
she's GILA

Monday, January 31, 2011

stuck up!

benda sama
penat dah aku ulang
masuk kepala sikit, boleh?

"what goes around, comes around"

atau kau kurang faham dengan definisi ayat nii?
meh mak ajar meh

dalam bahasa jawa nya,
kau buat taik dengan orang, taik tu dtg tercampak kat muka kau balik
kau baling hp bb kat orang,
memang orang tu kebas lah cerita dy en.

senang cerita,
kau sumbat dulu ayat tu tepu tepu dlm kepala otak
lepas tu, lain cerita. okay?

YOU fish ball betul lah

semalam mama papa dating shopping
mama na bermasak masak katanya
5ekor cukup kot

aku lepak lepak jah kat rumah
kaki aku sakit do'oh
mama balik jah, suh aku siang ikan.

aku pun ke dapur la cerita dy en
time time aku siang ikan ke 4
dengan excited aku menjerit,

"mama mama! tgk nih! " sambil tunjuk kan muka ikan tu kat mama aku

mama aku tanya, kenapa?
dengan bangganya aku cakap,

"mama tgk mulut ikan nii terbukak" dengan muka riang over excited :DD

mama tgk muka aku
pastu mama tgk kuali balik
tade respond

aku sambung cuci ikan tu
*still excited!
tibe tibe mulut ikan tu boleh tutup balik
laah, boleh bukak tutup ke?
selama nii tapenah terbukak pun
patut la mama ta excited

Saturday, January 29, 2011

current mood;;falling apart

ronan keating - superman
*credit to the lyrics! the words r so fucking good.
this is life, this is love.
the song really make me felt in love again :) i love it.
i would probably falling fr someone
that really appreciate what love is,
especially like this one.
iloveyou, cinta! :DD *

i've been heading in the wrong direction
hiding from my own protection
running but my heart was standing still

i guess, u saw the light inside me
ur love has been a torch to guide me
i hope i can be all that u deserve

well, im no superman
bt i'll love u the best i can
and u know i just flesh and bones
but with u, i feel am flying
dont u know am no superman
but, i always be ur man

i was searching for a heart that's beating
as fast as the way am feeling
trying to find some peace there in my soul

u know it was ur love that saved me
the answer to my prayers u gave me
nn i hope, i'll be all that u deserve

i'd fight for you
i'd die for you
u know i would

hold back the night
light up the sky
oh, if i could

i'll always be your man

kau buta tuli

am no superwoman

oh, melayan angin kipas saja aku malam nii
cooper dah tidur, kepenatan.
melayan kerenah kucing2 katanya
kesian kena buli
nasib ada BIGgy ball dia
suka! :) comel do'oh.
*am still learning to speak in kelantan's dialect*
hoho :O cute gedemo!

brand new hamster.

i miss you, mini :'(
i love you, cooper.

mini da arwah.
cooper perlu teman.
perlu cari pengganti mini
my new cuppycup coming right up!
in february ;)

mini junior.

maaf ya mini :'(
sayang you, tapi ta jumpa you.
imissyou baby.
jahat sapa yang ta tutup pintu -.-"
bt, past is past kan.

huwaaa!! rindu mini.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

untuk KAIO.

mat rempit
jalan kepit kepit
segala yg dikepit
dtg dari kaio rempit.


Monday, January 10, 2011

date of completion

11 january 2011
banyak sangat satu.
belum lagi bulan november.
lagi banyak satu kau jumpa

nak cerita pasal date ini
hari nii, maksud aku pagi nii
1.43 am
baru aku sedar
kau bukan aku punya
kau bukan lagi yang aku suka

kau text aku
bertanya khabar, katanya
fuck kau.
kau menambah derita
sakit lama terbuka

"what the hell la sial mamat tu cari kau lagi?"
"apa siaa jantan tu?"
kata kata dari seorang teman

"awk jaga awek awk, okay :) "
kata aku
ya, hipokrasi melanda diri

"sorii ganggu.xpela law xna text"
katanya lagi
memancing diri ini

"kte ta suke kacau cpl org.bye.tc" -aku
"kte just na tanye khbar awk..slh ke?" -engkau
"salah.g la kat **** awk tu.kte ta suke uh.mcm tmpat rebound.fuck gle" -aku
"Amelya..hm..kte xmean lgsg na bwt awk rse mcm 2" -engkau
"nn fyi, u hd done it well." -aku
"up 2 u la na ckp ape..kte taw awk xkn ley trime kte" -engkau

i bet u're right
yes,i wont
the first time we met
it was one of the biggest mistake
i've done in my whole life to fall fr you
to gv u my all. heart and soul
previous time, kau mmg segalanya
now u r not
am tired being so fucking in love with you
macam babi
sumpah aku taknak kau lagi
benci kau, jantan.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bunga melur

papa,daddy,walid,abah,ayah lepastu,
mama,umi,mak,mummy,ibu dan yang seangkatan dengan nya lah.
sama jah. yang dipanggil itu tak penting.
yang penting apa?
insan itu sendiri :)

bonda ayahanda kita hanya satu,
ingat tu.
kalau kau meraung melalak disebabkan kena tinggal laki
baik kau fikir, yang hilang family, ibubapa tuh.

memang sakit memang perit
boyfriend lari ikut minah rempit
tapi, esok lusa paling tak pun seminggu lepastu?
mesti ada yang sangkut balik dengan kau.
dah dapat pengganti dah.
tapi, kalau kau nak tanya aku lah.
benda tu sementara jep.
benda sama akan ulang balik.
sebab apa? kau desperate.
memang lah dapat pengganti
allah ta'ala bagi kurang sikit beban kau tuh.
sebab saje uji try test kau.
kuat tak kuat minda otak kau untuk berfikir.
baik buruk, bodoh ke tidak.

perfection cant be rushed.
if he's the one for you, u'll feel it.
i bet, u will :)

tapi kau nak meraung melalak mcm na gila.
tengok diri kau.
ada family, orang tersayang
duit *at least bole topup perut kau tu.
ada tempat teduh,
rupa paras *walaupun benda nih ta penting sangat.
kau macam tak bersyukur.
kerana lelaki, kau jadi stupid.
nak jawa sikit, bodoh.

allah baru tarik a slice of ur happiness
kau dah jatuh terjunam.
mungkin allah ta'ala saja tarik sekejap.
naty DIA pulang balik? mungkin.
dan mungkin digantikan dengan yang lebih baik.
ingat lagi,
allah ta'ala tu dah janji setiap manusia ada pasangannya.
kau sabar jah :) akan ada yang sehati sejiwa dengan kau.
sabar ya.

respect orang tua kita.
hanya mereka lah satu satunya ayahanda bonda kita.
tiada pengganti macam ex kau tu tadi.
jangan kurang ajar yah,
tau geram marah sakit hati kadang kadang
bukan salah kau pun kau kena.
biarkan. ingat perjalanan hidup kita bersama mereka.
ingat ayahanda kerja keras siang malam
ingat sakit perit bonda kita jalani nak deliver kita.
ingat la wehh,,
susah sangat ke? isi sikit minda kau tu

aku mengaku,
aku tak perfect
aku tak hebat mana pun bab2 benda nii semua
kalau kau rasa aku tak layak menegur
bukak minda kau luas luas
bukak hati kau dengan ikhlas
untuk terima orang orang sekeliling kau
bagi nasihat yang lebih bernas.

p/s : saya cinta family saya :) dari papa dan mama seterusnya kakak, abg naim, abg eful, adik mewn, adik qish, adik nish and the youngest one adik afiq :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

memory daun kari

okay,theres a lot of things dat came in and out of my head
these few days. in other words, "it's killing me lah, get lost problemsss!"
opss! before its too late, HAPPY NEW YEAR my dearest readers ;)

banyak benda aku fikir.
kalau nak di singkatkan cerita,
sampai aku pergi jumpa counselor kat kolej.
gila babi kan? pressure doh! *keluar bahasa ibunda.haha

tapi,i think its time for me to move on.
stand on my own feet.
asyik berkepit memanjang dengan awek aku tuh.
bila lagi nak rase single mingle kan? haha
bodoh. rakan karib aku lah.

time kita remaja nii lah, rakan adalah segalanya.
i bet u understand if u r in the range of 18 - 23 y/old.
betul tak?
tak? mampos kau lah.
kalau aku ye la tuu kot ;)
counselor aku sendiri cakap camtu.
bukan semua rahsia kita family tau
even kita sayang dan trust gila babi pun
theres a limit.
tp kawan kita? tiada rahsia :)
tu pun kalau kau trust kawan kau lah.
kalau kawan kau tak cerita segala kat kau
dia tak trust kau la tuu bangang. HAHA
tp ada jugak sikit sikit dy tak cite. sikit jep, kannnn :)
sbb dyorang faham situasi kita, mungkin.

dengan best fakking friend aku yang jauh nun kat teluk jb sane.
aku jadi lone ranger skrg nii
aku rindu kau lah sayang.

rindu nak tengok muka bangang kau kat student square lepas aku abes class
rindu nak leps leps ngan kau.
rindu nak makan burger abg jan takde sayur kau
rindu nak makan nasi bujang kat osman seman dengan kau
rindu nak ber-weng weng naik tokio aku
rindu nak mesra mesra manja *awww* ngan kau.haha
rindu nak buat kerja kerja kurang berfaedah dengan kau. BHAHA
rindu nak memaki hamun kau lepas bangun tidur terkejut mengejut aku
rindu nak meluah cerita cerita sensasi aku
rindu nak temporary out of service ngan kau.
rindu nak mencuci mate tengok body awek victoria secret dengan lynn
*ehh! silap orang pulak. HAHA

counselor aku suh aku terima kenyataan kau takde fang.haha
memang tak la kot.
kau da takde dekat ngan aku
nak dengar masalah timbul tenggelam aku,
nak motivate diri aku
bagi semangat sejati perwira kau tuh
suruh aku belajar macam zombie kelaparan
kau risau pasal test, quiz apatah lagi final aku.
suruh aku study jugak
walau aku dah meraung melalak mintak bantal
kau tak peduli itu semua.
kasi penampar sebijik kat muka aku yang tak berapa nak cun nih
kasi aku sedar,,
"esok kau ada ujian lah bangang! baik kau bangun sebelum aku datang"
kalau kau datang memang lagi melalak kuat aku.
baik aku bangun.

pagi pagi, kalau aku datang kelas cepat tuh.
sbb dfan kejut aku jugak.
"nurul amelya farahin binti abd.lah! kau bangun skrg!class kau pukul 8 kan! aku jirus jugak budak nih"
aku bangun, takut kena jirus.

kalau aku takde duit atau malas nak makan
"amy, kau dah makan? aku ada rm5 nih. cukuplah kita makan nasi bujang sorang rm2 minum air kosong, k?" atau, "kau taknak makan, aku pun taknak makan"
walaupun kau dari pagi tak makan lagi.

kalau aku demam panas dalam,
pening pening atau muntah muntah.
"tulah, aku suruh makan kau taknak. main hujan. shisha lagi. degil lah budak nih"
tapi kau datang jugak urut kepala aku.
follow aku pegi klinik,
dengar doctor cakap usus aku abnormal.
bantai gelak dengan the BABIes.

kes paramore lagi,
dukung aku yang berat nak mampos.
ikut aku jahit kaki sampai lah bukak jahitan

kau jaga aku :) dengan baik.
i owe u tons of great things babe.

tapi aku faham der.
aku study abes baik kat sini
kau kerja abes baik kat sana, okay?
jangan main main tau :)

senang cite,
aku rindu kau kau kau kau kau lah pukimak.haha
aku sentiasa ada masa untuk diluangkan dengan kau sayang :)
iloveyou, diffan sina binti rabu :)

*tears falling :'( rindu kau nok.
jaga diri

follower blog ini :)