a story to tell :'((

(A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle)
Girl: Slow
down. Im scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, its to scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
(Girl hugs him)
Guy: Can u take my helmet off and put it on? Its bugging me.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.
The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.

Monday, November 9, 2009


dunia tuanputerii amy ;)) from day to dae.my world start bcoming hard to express it.bt i do enjoy every bit of my heart.when i sad.i felt like something precious was taken far from me.something that i could never ever deal with it unless my frens&&family were there to give me support&&advice yg m'bina.they were always there when i need something to lean on.dats y my life will b empty&& its like~i die in a veryvery pathetic way.same goes if am happy.its like everything were perfect in my eye.nn i love every single of it.the most precious in my life.definitely will be my family&&friends.these day was unforgettable fer me.my life sumtimes up && sumtimes down.my thought before,i think everything will be +ve && things will turns out well.nothing will be nitemare to me.cuz i've gone thru lots of experience.bad nn guds together had been muddle up around me.and dis lately the world had become more unexpected&&mean&&cruel.argghhh!i just cant understand the world nowadays.bout the pederast guy towards the innocent lil girl.it was sooooo bongok okeh.u should just do it towards cikaro [baru blaja word nii.haha] .they definitely love to do so.its not like i wanted to support ppl to make the prostitute thingy bcome acceptable.but~like hellll-to-the- 'o'!! she was just 4 years old bongok! sape ta bengang! nn had been murdered!!okeoke.things r getting harder nn complicated.i dun want to express it with my feeling now were distracted++mess up with problems nn tense around me.maybe its bcoz of the final thingy.okeoke.nn now forget bout it.lets move on nn let whateva craps back.bt still.learn from the past bebeh~

the next chapter;;my friends or my hsemate to be clear.i dun noe whatever things dat they had in mind.but they definitely bcome moreeeeeee crazy-errr than before.many things dat i've learn nn experience it with 'em.we love to hang out alot! as in we're always together.in college,going lunch.dinner.supper[suke kua pagi2 bute.cuz we always get hungry afta studying lateeee nite darlink] even when am going out fer dating.the dates must go out dating with my frens also.cuz it'll be weirdo nnn veryvery awkwardly ble kua b'2.nn sumone had tell me dis.even its a joke.but..still!!!gile sentap!! : "patut la tade special boyfriend sampai skang,,korg m'amalkan budaya songsang ea kat uma" kurg asam nye mamat -.-" bt,its true.ppl will judge me && my frens even more worse.i guess.huhu.mamat tu pn ckp cam2 cuz he actually saw smething dat ppl might judge us a lesbo.its not me the one who done it.bt,the 'tempias' goes to me also laaaa.kate kwn baek smpaii mati.best fren forever??remember?hehe dyorg bknnye do smething yg gile kentang[lame ta dnga ayat nii.huhu] just do smething to hv fun.haha they transfer gummygummy aka chewing gum mouth-2-mouth tp hjung2 jep kot.maybe the dramas thingy make it look reallll~hehe.xp cheer guys.am still a girl.i love boy.nn the guy is sooo perfectly perfect to me ;)) rite mr.s? :)) even do so he doesnt want me.hey boysss~its ur oppurtunity act.it just dat.u should have to prove me dat u r moreeee perfectly perfect than him.dats all :)

oh oh~one more thing.my roomate to be more appropriate.they love to play this one game.they find a word nn definitely from the dictionary.ala-ala bahasa yg tinggi2 la.nn we'll be like burst out laughing when the meaning comes out.mostly they like to search something dat...wellll....u noe what...huhu~a lil bit nakal sket.hehe && i got a lots of 'fancy' names from it.mostly from feera bongek i tuhh.geram tol ngan minaa sekor nii.seb bek syggg~haha && things yg i cant get rid of it.cuz its in my blood darlink.adapt bebeh! here some of it that quite 'show' me :)) &&my picture of my life fer these day :DD enjoyy.


[minaa byk mulut.haha]


[love to cry alotsssss]


[terlalu d'manjekn]




kisah alkisah kat kolej :

my classmates
safyy&&cik bacen sy : saadah ;))

amy tuanputerii &&my dance partner
bdk kecik nii zarul.muachh~

amy tuanputerii && cik awinapiz
da abes da perform utk hari raye kt college

amy tuanputerii~

tggu giliran

nga study
tade keje tbe2 wat rmbut cm2

nii la sla sorg cekgu sy.
hehe ;pp

tggu turn na jmpe sir hafez
my bel lecturer

b4 exam
tnga tggu kakak awin amek

sara &&sarah
tgk bju kamii~ :))
mak sara yg buat.huhu
tyme test far200

waiting fer d clock 2 b sharp at
2:15 pm
cik sarah && amy tuanputerii
ad ctu231
family :

amy tuanputerii && couz kecik sy
ketika merantau&&d'umaa sewe :

cik dalink sy &&of course with amy tuanputerii lagii
venue : alamanda putrajaya
dat time tdo uma ye.family dy ajak g kareokyy!
hehe.sume pn best!open-minded~

venue : umaa kakak awin; open house
feera mam satey~nyumnyum
amy mam cawan tuu.hek2

cik sara da ngantuk dat time na balek
10mins after tuu.kamii pn gerak
pacikk apiz kesayangan
awin pn sampai

ank menakan awin~
amy tuanputerii && ilaa
fullname : nur delila el-zhara

dlm lif na pegii alim
at d'middle of the nite
oh,tyme sengal~
bru pas bgn tdoo

muke tense-2
pn bru balek drii exam
haha :DD

muke tense ke-3
nga blaja
muke tense-4
aneyaney jep kamii

pict tensiii-5
bgun tdo agyyy

amy tuanputerii,dfann hardcorer KPTM &&
nina [juge teman sperjuangan dfann]
team : amy tuanputerii,
venue : mcd,ts
event : tgk cte psau ckur
bwh nii pn

amy tuanputerii && sarah
bwh ni pon

me && syima moshi2~
bwh nii pon

amy tuanputerii
&&sala stu dygnye feera 'sexy ppl'
bwh nii pon

mreke sengal
dfann && awin
[tgk psau ckur tp dyorg nii mlencong laen lk]

dlm kete paeh
maceh paeh fer the car!
na g CIMB maluri

burfdae gal!!
epii 19th burfdae aween!!

nii kek dy.br~
ad video tp byk censored
cnot download.hehe

default pict ms.hehe

teman g public bank kt sogo

tyme na hfl law pn still na mosh
haha :DD

sexy ppl


kak nisak&& sarah
nii bru betul study
sorg study law.
lg sorg da master,tu yg bntai tdo
hehe ;pp

time seseme achum+flu+asthma+saket tkak
g PGRM jep.dekat
ngan sarah~

tyme g domino's pitja~
[muke gilaaa natural]

kamii :)
knl kn
awin,sarah,feera&& fara

stesen chan sow lin
time nii gile klaka
amy tersala tren.siap duduk agy dlm tren
bile prasan dyorg tade
menjerit2 dyorg suh amy kua alek
seb bek sempat
tapii gile klaka ctew dy.
let it b our secret k darlas!!
&& i mean it!

nii la muke da bengang thn malu
lpas kes 'wat muke comel'
pkai kebaye taw!

bukit permai

kat bukit permai

org belanje!!
haha :DD
thanxx syamie&&apiz&&awin

pkai compact ngan eye liner jep

alkisah kne saman
ta bole lupe polis neh!
tade speed trap ke road block
tetibe kne saman tnga2 highway
adeh -.-"

venue : putrajaya

b4 kne saman
haha :DD

amy tuanputerii
okeoke.dats all fer now
ad lagii satu citew best psl g tgk ctew phobia lk
next tyme k
bye :))

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